Element is led by an 操作板 with many years of experience in their respective leadership and management fields. The 操作板 meets every month to review the overall performance of the business and also to determine group-wide priorities.



Jo Wetz

Jo was appointed CEO of the Element Group in 2019 and is responsible for the overall strategic direction and growth of the Group. 在成为CEO之前, he was the Group CFO since 2012 and a Board member of the Group since the buyout from Stork in 2010. 在永利体育之前, he built a career in private equity and led the investment in a number of global testing businesses in both Europe and the US, 包括2010年收购Element.

Jo has been instrumental in growing Element from 20 locations in five geographies at the time of the buyout in 2010 into a global business with almost 200 locations in 30 countries and more than 6,000年的同事, through a combination of strong organic growth and the integration of 31 acquisitions.  在Element工作了十年, 他领导了3i和Bridgepoint的收购, the take private of Exova as well as the significant minority investment in Element by Temasek.



Ruth被任命为首席财务官, joining Element’s Executive Team and the Board on 1 June 2020 and reporting to Jo Wetz, CEO. 她负责所有的财务, 采购, legal, 税务和业务内部的IT活动, 并带来重大的财务控制, M&A, change management, strategy and business planning expertise to the Group.

Ruth在William Hill Plc担任了两年半的首席财务官, 领先的金融, 保证, 法律及采购职能, as well as playing a critical role in driving company strategy and business transformation. She was also instrumental in the IPO of payments processing business Worldpay in 2015 – the largest ever private equity backed IPO in the UK at the time.

Ruth is a qualified accountant with a degree in Biochemistry and spent nearly a decade in private equity, 在包括垃圾处理在内的各个领域工作, 可再生能源, music, 出版和零售.



Rick于2004年加入Element, originally as a Business Development Manager responsible for integrating newly acquired laboratories into the organization. He has held General Manager positions for Element’s laboratories in Los Angeles, Detroit and Amsterdam and led several US laboratories through a Lean process transformation.

In 2011 Rick took the position of Vice President of European Operations and formally joined the Element Executive Team. Rick于2014年成为航空航天的执行副总裁(EVP). Under his leadership the global aerospace sector has more than quadroupled in size and successfully integrated over 10 acquisitions, 添加功能, capacity and footprint to become the number one provider of aerospace testing services in the world. 2020年10月,Rick被任命为执行副总裁, Americas, 负责Element在美国的所有业务, 加拿大和墨西哥, 覆盖航天领域的88个实验室, 连接技术, defence, 生命科学和运输终端市场.



Matt于2018年12月加入Element, bringing a wealth of testing experience and leadership to lead the global Energy sector. 2020年10月, 马特被任命为欧洲、中东和非洲地区执行副总裁, 负责五个业务单元的测试工作, 航空航天领域的认证和检验, 连接技术, 建设, 能源和环境终端市场遍布四大洲. 此外,Matt还负责Element的中国战略.

在加入永利体育之前, Matt held several operational and commercial leadership roles managing global laboratory networks in the Americas and Europe, 以及管理专注于客户管理的全球团队, 技术管理, 系统开发和新的增长计划. 最近, Matt曾是法国国际检验集团行政领导团队成员, 大宗商品欧洲部高级副总裁.



Nancy领导Element所有区域的人力资源部门, responsible for setting and executing the company’s global people strategy. Nancy于2019年9月加入Element. 拥有超过20年的全球人力资源经验, 她在连接文化方面有着深厚的专业知识, 参与和性能, 以及实施大规模的变革计划. 在加入永利体育之前, she has worked in senior HR roles for global organisations such as Airbus and General Electric and was most recently Senior Vice President, 全球人力资源主管 & Jet Aviation的道德官.


Arnout Lijesen

安诺于2004年初加入Element, and is responsible for the Group’s strategy and highly successful global mergers and acquisition program. 在他的领导下,该集团成功地成立了, acquired, 并在北美整合了30多家市场领先企业, 欧洲和亚洲.

Arnout has led various strategy assignments over the years including the original rebranding from Stork to Element; the Group’s entry into China; multiple outsourcing projects and various corporate strategy exercises.

自2010年分拆以来, Arnout has focused on leading Element’s highly successful mergers and acquisition program. 在加入永利体育之前, Arnout worked for Unilever Group Unichema and the management consultant firm Arthur D. Little.


Frido Langedijk

Frido joined Element in January 2017 and is responsible for the design and delivery of commercial best practices, process, tools and systems that maximize profitable revenue across the Group while enhancing the customer experience.

Together with his team and working as business partners to support the wider commercial organization, Frido is responsible for driving growth through a set of groupwide commercial excellence programs, 包括大客户管理, which are focused on consistently improving sales force effectiveness and establishing a high performing, 积极的商业文化.

首席数字 & 技术官


Andrew于2021年8月加入Element, 并负责设置和执行公司的技术, 创新与数字化战略. He brings a wealth of experience of running scale technology platforms and leading digital transformation and growth, 他曾在上市公司和有私募股权支持的企业工作过, 小型和大型. 在数字和技术领域拥有超过25年的经验, 他最近担任NEP集团的首席技术官, 世界上最大的现场体育和活动媒体制作合作伙伴.

Before that he was Chief Product and 技术官 at Carlson Wagonlit Travel, a $27bn travel management company where he successfully led their digital transformation. 他还曾领导nbc环球和汤森路透的技术团队. 他对数据和数据科学充满热情, 他曾是Beyond Analysis的联合创始人和首席技术官, 软件解决方案和数据科学业务, dunnhumby的CIO, 特易购的前数据科学部门.



他于2021年10月加入Element, and is responsible for identifying opportunities to build and nurture the corporate brand through purpose, 领导着广阔的, 跨职能的环境、社会和治理议程. He brings both functional and commercial experience gained across businesses around the world. Lee was most recently Vice President, North America Corporate Affairs for Mars, Inc., a global business with a portfolio of confectionery, food, and pet care products and services.

Lee spent 25 years at Mars, leading teams across the Americas and Europe in communications & 可持续发展,市场营销,销售,采购和供应链. He has a track record of embedding purpose in global brands and organizations and is passionate about the positive role that business can play in society.